Naughty or Nice: Spring Break

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5-reel, bonus, video
Christmas, Beach Life

The first Naughty Or Nice slot game by Real-Time Gaming charted a brand new course for Christmas-themed games. Now, Real-Time Gaming capitalizes on the predecessor's success by once more celebrating the adult side of Christmas by featuring everyone's favorite blonde and brunette helpers.

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break is the direct sequel to the acclaimed Naughty Or Nice slot game. All of the vital features that the fans loved from the first installment carry over to this surprisingly warm sequel. Santa has never been more relaxed, and nor has his beautiful helpers. Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break features the still angry Mrs. Claus, a dynamite bonus round, and a progressive jackpot. Unlike taking place in the north pole, the sequel occurs in the middle of a warm and pleasant beach that is full of bikinis, surfing, and lucrative wins.

Take Control Of Your Spring Break

Real-Time Gaming designed Naughty Or Nice: Spring for custom flexibility. This game comes with thirty adjustable pay lines. Like the first game, users can rely on the pay line arrows to suit their gambling needs. You can wager the full thirty pay lines for the entire Santa in his shorts experience, or you can draw back and wager somewhere in the middle. Personally, if you enjoy seeing Mrs. Claus angry, why not gamble the full thirty pay lines.

The next move with Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break is to settle on the real cash bet. That's where the coin buttons factor. Naughty Or Nice: Spring honors bets from the standard coin value, but the coin buttons increase the values incrementally.

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break extends additional flexibility with the auto play feature. The auto play feature is capable of handling numerous programmed wagers for your viewing and gaming pleasure. The options button lets you fine tune other game details like the reel speed.

Welcome To The Naughty Or Nice Paytable

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break features an abundant paytable. One press of the paytable button reveals that the blonde and the brunette holding drinks are the dual wild symbols. Like the first game, each one of Santa's beautiful helpers takes turns landing on particular reels. The blonde helper falls on the odd reels, while the brunette lands on the even reels. Both luscious ladies double winning combinations.

Santa is sandwiched between the beautiful ladies having a drink and rewards your efforts with 1,500 credits, while the angry Mrs. Claus stresses 1,250 credits in the middle of the water. Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break is such a departure from Christmas-oriented games that it features a handsome surfer that is ready to shell out 1,000 credits.

Don't pass up the high-value playing cards which pay beautifully on the Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break reels.

The Bonus Rounds Are Ready For Spring Break

Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break features the free spins bonus where you get to choose either the blonde girl or the brunette. During the free spins round, the nice girl can turn the entire reels wild to look and payout like her. The naughty girl reserves the right to turn the third reel wild.

If you don't win enough playing Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break, this game features a featured guarantee feature that ensures you walk away feeling like the winner you are. Naughty Or Nice: Spring Break caps everything off with a progressive jackpot that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Naughty Or Nice: Spring is widely available on home computers, tablets, modern laptops, and major smartphones for your Christmas pleasure.