Football Frenzy Slots

Football Frenzy Slots
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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Football, Sport
Soccer remains the world’s most popular sport, and today’s soccer leagues are International. A simple internet search can reveal scores of soccer leagues within a single country. Still, there’s only one league that genuinely matters: Real-Time Gaming’s virtual soccer league, the home of Football Frenzy. Football Frenzy is a powerhouse of a slot game that puts you right on the soccer field. Coming in five reels and fifty pay lines, Football Frenzy not only rivals the excitement and glory of World Cup soccer but also stands in its own league.

Football Frenzy Bonus Rounds

Football Frenzy gives the player two modes to attack. Both modes impact the free spins round, so please choose carefully, for you have to make your choice before the game begins. The first mode is the striker mode which triples the free spins wins, while the lucky mode rewards free spins through the regular mode, but it does enable the lucky mode.

Football Frenzy’s lucky mode, the free-kick bonus round, can launch randomly after any spin. The lucky feature starts you off with eight free spins, which is plenty to win over the crowd and step into football immortality.

No respectable soccer game is complete without the penalty kick bonus round. The penalty kick bonus round is for all the marbles. Football Frenzy requires the trifecta of bonus balls to land on the reels to set the stage for soccer glory. If you play your soccer cards right, you can play scores of free spins with a 900 times winning multiplier. Football Frenzy tops all the bonus rounds off with the progressive jackpot hanging in the balance.

Joining The Frenzy

Football Frenzy is widely available at major online casinos that support and host Real-Time Gaming slots. Assuming that you are already a certified member of the online casino, log in and head to the lobby, but first, put on your soccer shoes and prepare to take the kick of a lifetime when playing Football Frenzy. Football Frenzy begins the frantic action with fifty pay lines. Football Frenzy leaves the call to you to gamble on all fifty pay lines at once, a medium amount, or only one pay line per spin. The game provides pay line arrows to assist you with the pay line situation.

Before you can take the vaulted kick of your life, you must arrange the cash bet. That’s simple. Football Frenzy also provides the coin buttons to assist you in your playing endeavors. The variations of wagers Football Frenzy permits you to make are resounding. You can begin things for as little as a dollar and make your way up to 125 dollars.

Football Frenzy lets the player maneuver onto the field, making bets, or you can rely on the autoplay feature to handle those chores for you. The options button provides additional control and flexibility for tweaking the game settings.

The Pay Table Is Athletic

Football Frenzy unloads soccer goodness through the paytable. The striker represents the game’s wild symbol, and when he falls, things certainly become wild in double winning combinations. The striker wild serves as a grouped wild on the third reel. The soccer stadium constitutes the scatter symbol, and it is worth its weight in virtual gold.

Football Frenzy also features the football, the goalie, the referee, the excited fan, the trophy, the beer, and football gear, round out the rest of the high-topped icons. Football Frenzy rewards winning combinations with a trifecta of the same symbol from the reel’s left side to the right. Day or night, whether at your home or in the palm of your hand, football greatness awaits with Football Frenzy.