Cash Bandits Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Money, Crime
When Real-Time Gaming reaches down in the well, it seldom doesn’t miss. When it comes to Cash Bandits, not only did Real-Time Gaming hit the ball out of the park, it spawned two sequels that keep garnering a new global audience. If your introduction to Cash Bandits began with part two or three, you might find it worth your dubious while to take the time to play the original Cash Bandits, the game that started it all.

Step Safely Into The Wrong Side Of The Law

Cash Bandits breaks from traditional games by featuring the villain as the hero. You heard correctly. The bank robber is the anti-hero that you’ll find yourself rooting for. The gameplay occurs in the middle of the bank, with the bank vault the crown jewel and centerpiece for the bank robber and you. We will discuss the impressive bank vault feature further in this sensational Cash Bandits article.

Cash Bandits opens the foray with twenty-five pay lines. Cash Bandits graciously provides pay lines arrows that permit you to take your chances on all twenty-five thrilling pay lines, or you can sit back and take a more moderate approach and gamble on an assorted number of pay lines, or perhaps a single pay line.

Cash Bandits doesn’t leave you alone with the pay lines. How could you possibly expect to make the heist of the century without placing your precise cash bet? Cash Bandits has coin buttons that accompany the pay line arrows, which help you make bets as little as a penny, but it grows up to a quarter.

This Bandit Has The Full Reign Of The Pay Table

Besides the pay line and coin buttons, Cash Bandits features an exhilarating and rewarding paytable. Pressing the info button firmly ensconces you into the dark, dangerous, but safely rewarding life of crime. Cash Bandits offers the elusive bank vault as the featured wild symbol. This is the apple in every gamer’s eye for it doubles winning combinations. The more of the fantastic bank vault that finds its way on the reels, the greater the winning reward, all the way to the maximum 2,500 credits.

Cash Bandits is full of captivating and rewarding icons. The angry cop who wants to bring the robber to justice pays a handsome 1,250 credits. The aloof robber gets caught with the bag of loot to the tune of 800 credits. Cash Bandits also features the lucrative icons, the bank, the getaway car, doughnuts, stacks of cash, and so much more.

Cash Bandits Has The Bonus Rounds

Cash Bandits isn’t shy about the bonus rounds in its arsenal. We’ve hyped the bank vault bonus from this article’s beginning, so it is time to unveil it. Three of the Cash Bandits scatter symbol puts you in a pressure-cooked situation. Cash Bandits presents you with four bank vaults, and it is up to you to find the correct code to win up to 90 free spins. Cash Bandits unleashes a tremendous twelve-times winning multiplier to go with those free spins. Cash Bandits makes sure you go out with a bang by having the progressive jackpot hang over your head, for it can launch at the conclusion of any crime-caper spin.

Final Thoughts On Cash Bandits

Cash Bandits provides an options button with so much at stake where you can craftily and quickly adjust the pertinent game settings like reel speed to suit your gaming needs. Real-Time Gaming proudly presents Cash Bandits, the game that spawned two sequels, and it is available at many supportive Real-Time Gaming casinos.