The Elf Wars Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Winter, Christmas, Holidays
The Elf Wars marks a seminal moment in the war in the north pole series. Real-Time Gaming unleashed the gaming beast with the civil war raging between Santa Claus and Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer. This time Real-Time Gaming decides to get the elves involved. So far, the global audience can’t get enough of the insanely lucrative rewards among the carnage and mayhem occurring outside Santa’s shop.

The Elf Wars is serious from the start of the game. From the beginning, you are presented with cannons and missiles pointed in every direction. The elves dominate the gameplay front and center. The Elf Wars features numerous bonus rounds from the previous games to augment this ill-gotten north pole war. The Elf Wars primes players with all the pertinent game functions that you need to win.

The Elf Wars features fifty totally adjustable pay lines. The pay line arrows handle this task for you. If you want total mayhem, the full fifty pay lines can accommodate this desire, or you can ease your way into the carnage by gambling on lesser pay lines.

The Elf Wars provides fantastic coin buttons to give you entire control of your desired cash bet. All it takes is three cents to join the rambunctious elves who are on a mission to destabilize the north pole. The Elf Wars also has an autoplay feature that permits you to let the game handle your pre-determined bets so you can keep all four eyes on the treacherous elves. The options button gives you pinpoint control on the fine game details to suit your gaming habits and needs.

The Elves Control The Paytable

Yes. These feisty elves indeed dominate The Elf Wars landscape. We begin with the militant Santa and Rudolph, who are the combined wild symbols. These mortal enemies substitute for the other symbols except for the devious elves, and both characters pay up to 2,000 credits.

Speaking about the elves, both the good and the bad elves are the scatter symbols. Each elf plays a unique role in the bonus rounds, which we will chat about further in this article. Each elf shells out up to 100 credits for landing five on the reels. Despite the blood lust going on in this virtual north pole, The Elf Wars features warm and rewarding icons that remind you of the loving spirit of Christmas.

The Elf Wars honors winning combinations with a trifecta of the same symbol from the reel’s left side to the right.

Step Into The Elf Bonus Rounds

The Elf Wars is laden with bonus rounds. We talked earlier about the good and bad elves, but it is time now to discuss their contribution to The Elf Wars. Both elf combinations, when they land in packs of two, offer you a free re-spin.

When you land a trio of the good elves, the player has several bonus rounds to choose from. If you select Rudolph’s Rampage, you are presented with a ransacked Santa workshop. It is up to you to pick among eight locations to locate the three missing elves to receive your reward. In addition, each elf holds a different color present which also works in your favor.

If you play the Rudolph’s Revenge bonus round, you are in for seven free spins, with winning combinations doubled. The Santa Strikes Back also dishes out seven free spins, with each winning combination increasing by a single factor. Last but not least, The Elf Wars features the jackpot spins feature where you get to spin the wheel for your rewards.