PayDirt! Slots

PayDirt! Slots
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5-reel, real series, bonus
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Who doesn't want to cry out the glorious sound, EUREKA? Real-Time Gaming continues helping global players cry Eureka with PayDirt!, an adventurous five-reel game that hearkens back to the pioneer days of the California Gold Rush. Grab your miner's ax and a wheel barrel because you are going to need it as you fill up the twenty-five pay lines. PayDirt! features an impressive bonus pick feature which is something we will mine deeply into.

Setting The Stage To Strike Gold

There are many elements involved in striking gold, and PayDirt! has them all. If you want to throw caution to the wind and gamble on the complete twenty-five pay lines, that can be arranged via the pay line arrows. If you don't want to lose your shirt, the pay line arrows assist you in selecting random pay line numbers so you can keep your shirt and your pants.

The next thing to figure out when playing PayDirt! is how much you want to stake before spinning the reels. The game's coin buttons accomplish this task for you. Declaring precise and accurate cash bets in PayDirt! is a breeze. The game's stakes begin as small as one-cent, and it increases to five dollars. One-hundred-twenty-five dollars is what it takes for you to have a chance to shout Eureka before the spin.

PayDirt! insists that the player had precise control on whether to place bets before each spin or delegate that task to the autoplay feature. The autoplay mode is sophisticated to the point of handling dozens and scores of arranged spins. The options button facilitates the determined miner's quest to mine gold. Take charge of how fast the reels move and spin, among other essential game details and functions.

Dig Into The Paytable

PayDirt! doesn't hold back with a robust paytable. Once you click the payment section, you'll discover that the elusive golden nugget is the game's wild symbol. The golden nugget, which brought many men out west in search of fame and fortune, triples winning combinations when it falls on the second and fourth reels.

The official PayDirt! logo constitutes the game's scatter character, and we will talk deeper about this powerful game scatter shortly. The gold mine is another powerful game symbol that dishes out 10,000 credits. The happy miner rewards winning efforts with 2,500 credits, while the masked bandit tries to steal the loot by paying 1,000 credits. PayDirt! also offers the cart, the donkey, the dog, and other essential mining tools which pay tremendously.

Digging Deeper Into The Bonus Round

So far, we've teased you about the PayDirt! scatter, and now it's time to reveal that a trio of this symbol gives you the opportunity to pick three features. The first feature is the free spins bonus round, where the golden nugget is eligible to fall on the whole pay lines, and you can amass additional free spins.

If you select the gold fever bonus, you stake your claim with five free spins with the entire third reel consisting of golden nuggets. It is possible to earn an additional five free spins. The third bonus round is the strike it lucky feature, where you pick among five mines to reveal a prize. Selecting the right mine can reveal up to ten free spins.

Where To Hit PayDirt!

PayDirt! is widely available at online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming slots. It might be beneficial to peruse the casino and the internet to find promotions that you can use to win for free as you swing the virtual ax. PayDirt! functions on smart devices, laptops, and computers.