Naughty or Nice? Slots

Naughty or Nice? Slots
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real series, 5-reel, video
Holidays, Christmas

By now, the Naughty Or Nice franchise includes three captivating and sensual slot games. Real-Time Gaming breaks from the traditional Christmas slots by ushering in sex appeal, with Santa taking a backseat to two beautiful and full-figured helpers. Welcome to the first Naughty Or Nice slot game, which introduces you to the blonde and brunette helpers. We will talk about their impressive and rewarding throughout this article. If the kids aren't around or in bed, then you are ready for the breakdown to Naughty Or Nice.

Naughty Or Nice Comes With All The Trimmings

The first Naughty Or Nice encompasses everything a modern slot game should be. It comes with fifty adjustable pay lines to suit your nice or naughty needs if you are feeling that way. The game comes with standard pay line functions that assist you in matching and finalizing that area. If you are feeling ambitious, then perhaps wagering on all fifty pay lines is the adventure of a lifetime. If you want to take a more mild approach, then a moderate amount of naughty or nice pay lines is your cup of tea.

Naughty Or Nice proudly boasts the coin buttons to fill up the gaming coppers with up-to-the-minute bets. After you settle on the pay lines, the next step should be settling on the coin value. That's where the coin buttons factor into the Naughty Or Nice equation. Naughty Or Nice entertains wagers as small as a penny, which grows in increments to five dollars.

The autoplay feature stands ready to handle all of your reel-spinning needs, so you can keep your eyes on this unique holiday vibe or on one of the luscious ladies if you so desire. Finally, the options button lets you take charge of the intimate game functions to suit your needs.

Welcome To The Naughty Or Nice Paytable

Naughty Or Nice features an extensive paytable. The blonde, who represents the nice girl, and the brunette, who identifies as the naughty girl, are the wild symbols. Both of these buxom ladies double winning combinations, but they land on different reels. These ladies have tremendous power, but they don't have the power to substitute the scatter icon.

Santa Claus has never been happier because he rewards winning efforts up to 10,000 credits. In contrast, Mrs. Claus is at her wit's end, holding a roller. She pays your stellar winning efforts up to 2,500 credits. The reindeer gets into the act with a bra hanging off his antlers, but that doesn't stop him from paying you 1,000 credits. The present, the mistletoe, and the festive playing card numbers pay modest amounts on the reels.

The Naughty And Nice Bonus Rounds

A trio of the scatter symbol sets you up into the free spins round, where you begin with ten free spins. The free spins round prompts you to choose either the naughty girl or the nice girl for your substitute symbol. Each girl delivers different functionality in the bonus round. Five of the blonde stunner delivers the progressive jackpot.

Naughty Or Nice Awaits

Real-Time Gaming deserves the credit for Naughty Or Nice, for it is available at several online casinos. Please keep in mind that a simple internet search might yield promotions that you can use in your quest to win big-time money when you play Naughty Or Nice.