Crazy Dragon Slots

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3-reel, progressive, bonus

Real-Time Gaming is one of the first gaming companies to pioneer the modern-day three-reel system. Today, many of these three-reel games continue to thrive in the lore of gaming excellence, and Crazy Dragon is no exception.

Crazy Dragon Still Invites A Crowd

Any slot game is a feat of shrewd and precise engineering, and Crazy Dragon is no exception. Even though Crazy Dragon might be considered outdated and past his heyday, this single pay line game still delivers the gaming goods, and it still generates internet buzz. Staying true with the traditional three-reel games, Crazy Dragon keeps things simple with a minimum of game symbols to boost your chances of winning something significant and powerful. The prominent backdrop is the fire-breathing dragon that is poised to burn a winning path that you can be proud of.

Crazy Dragon also follows the pattern of most three-reel games by being a three-coin game. The number of coins you gamble determines how much you win, so it always pays to gamble the maximum amount to boost your winning chances.

Keeping things vanilla, Crazy Dragon doesn't have any pay lines arrows because they are no necessary with a single pay line game. It does, however, contain coin buttons to facilitate your declared bet. Wagers begin as small as one dollar, but players can quickly place the maximum $3 bet through the maximum coin button. In addition, crazy Dragon features a single credit button and a double credit button that accompany the maximum credit button. Because this game only has one pay line, there aren't pay line arrows. Likewise, Crazy Dragon doesn't have an options button because there aren't many options to work or configure.

This Paytable Breathes Fire

Crazy Dragon Slots is breathing fire on the rewarding but straightforward paytable. Again, depending on the number of credits you wager determines the value that you will receive. The firecracker makes the most significant bang paying anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 credits depending on the number of coins you gamble with. The koi fish isn't too far behind. Once more, the number of coins you stake your claim leads to 100 to 300 credits. Crazy Dragon also has room for the bonsai plant and the pagoda. There is room for the young, and the yang symbol rewards winning efforts by matching any non-dragon symbol.

The dragon saves the best for last in the vaulted re-spins round. If the dragon headlands on the first reel, you will get two re-spins, but that amount jumps up to 20 re-spins if it falls on the second reel. You can win the mighty 20 free re-spins when the dragon lands on the whole reel. If you have the fortune of amassing 100 re-spins, the progressive jackpot jingles your way.

Where To Catch This Dragon

Crazy Dragon is available at select online casinos that support the Real-Time Gaming engine, and it works for mobile devices and desktop computers as well.