Bunko Bonanza Slots

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5-reel, video, progressive

Forget about the legendary television show Bonanza because Real-Time Gaming gives you the bonanza of a lifetime with Bunk Bonanza. This deluxe five-reel game delivers exclusive bonanza wins and oodles of fun your way.

Why You Should Go Bonkers Over Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza represents the best in the latest five-reel slot technology, and it comes with twenty adjustable pay lines. Bunko Bonanza goes with a simple, home feel theme. What better gaming way is there to relax than sitting at home in your living room on the couch with a lovely refreshment or something sweet to eat? That's where Bunko Bonanza enters the equation.

Bunko Bonanza's gameplay occurs in the living room with quaint all the trimmings and fonts to put you in the gaming mood. Bunko Bonanza offers all the essential game features and functions on the game screen, so you don't have to leave any of your comfortable spaces.

Bunko Bonanza assists you with the pay line duties with twin pay line arrows where you can quickly decide and settle the accurate number of pay lines per spin. Accompanying the pay line arrows are the coin buttons. Bunko Bonanza offers incredible flexibility with the coin value buttons where you can quickly stake bets from a penny to five dollars.

Bunko Bonanza relishes a good challenge with the options button. Here, the options button lets players take charge of the game with sensitive game changes like the reel speed.

Going Bonanza Over The Paytable

Bunko Bonanza steps up its game with a delicious and heart-warming paytable. Bunko Bonanza's opens the gaming foray with the bell. The bell doubles winning combinations and it substitutes for the other symbols except for the official scatter icon.

Bunk Bonanza has an assortment of prolific and rewarding food symbols like the cupcake. Bunko Bonanza's scatter symbol consists of the bunko dice.

A Bonanza Of A Bonus Round

The dice are your ticket to playing in the luxurious free spins round. Bunko Bonanza allows up to 21 free spins to be earned in this unique and rewarding extravaganza. In addition, Bunko Bonanza also rewards free spins win up to five times to increase your luck and fun dramatically.

Where To Catch The Bonanza

Bunko Bonanza is a Real-Time Gaming product, so you can easily find it at online casinos that host and support this mobile-friendly game.