Aztec's Treasure Slots

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real series, bonus, progressive
Historical, Regional

Real-Time Gaming is considered the king of the progressive jackpot slot games. Aztec's Treasures is one of the first marque games that helped solidify the greatness and luster of progressive slot games. Aztec's Treasure is also one of the first slot games to usher in the culture genre and a pioneer slot game celebrating Aztec culture.

In An Age Undreamed Of…

The setting for Aztec's Treasure, a splendid five-reel game with twenty pay lines, brilliantly captures the player's imagination and celebrates the greatness of the one mighty and proud Aztec civilization. There are many reasons why Aztec's Treasure continues to endure. Yes, long-term players of Real-Time Gaming Casino have no doubt crossed paths at one point playing Aztec's Treasure, and if you are playing it for the first time, you will soon discover why Aztec's Treasure continues being a fan favorite.

Even though Aztec's Treasure is animated, it encapsulates the power and the splendor of the Aztec Empire. The game's backdrop occurs in the middle of an exotic and tropical jungle. The purple night stone looms large in the background. The power of the pay line is in your hands, thanks to Aztec's Treasure's pay lines. You can try to impress the king and gamble on the entire twenty pay lines, or you can ease your way into this legacy slot game and place wagers on lesser pay lines.

The next move is to follow this up with the exceptional coin buttons, which opens up a broad strata of bets beginning at one-cent, but that value quickly skyrockets to an outstanding five dollars. All of these magnificent game features are possible thanks to the pay line arrows and the coin value buttons. Aztec's Treasure promotes players placing self bets, or you can rely on the trusted autoplay feature to handle these chores for you. Aztec's Treasures goes further with the options button, where you can craft and tweak the sensitive game settings to take charge.

There Is Plenty Of Treasure In The Paytable

Aztec's Treasure is full of elite bonuses and character icons to fill your coffers. We begin with the heroic and proud Aztec King who doubles winning combinations, but he only lands graces the second, third, and fourth reels, so please bear that in mind. The lovely Aztec princess graces the reels with 5,000 credits. Aztec's Treasures reigns supreme with bonus symbols like the cheetah that produces 2,500 credits, while the feathered helmet creates 1,000 credits. The golden necklace and the pearl necklace produce 500 credits. Aztec's Treasure finishes the winning affair with standard high-value playing card numbers.

The Aztec's Grace The Bonus Rounds

Aztec's Treasure loads up the free spins round. It takes a trio of the spectacular Aztec idol to launch this bonus round. Actually, the more idols that land on the reels, the greater the number of free spins you are going to play with. Five of the Aztec idol yields 25 free spins, and you yes you can amass additional free spins.

Aztec's Treasure goes further with the primary progressive jackpot. It's this staple that made this game what it is, and why after all of these years, Aztec's Treasure continues being a fan favorite with many promotions that boost this game.

Where To Find Aztec's Treasure

Aztec's Treasure is found in the heart of online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming products. Aztec's Treasure works brilliantly on mobile devices and desktops.