Aladdin's Wishes Slots

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real series, bonus, video
Regional, Fairy Tale, Historical

When you are dealing with the Real-Time Gaming engine, you are assured of an original gaming concept, beautiful and breathtaking graphics, along with bonus rounds that are more than worth your while. This is reflected highly in Aladdin's Wishes, a vintage five-reel game developed by the aforementioned Real-Time Gaming. Aladdin's Wishes invites you to take that fabled carpet ride en route to riches and fun.

A New Type Of Aladdin

Aladdin's Wishes borrows some of the classic principles from the fabled 1001 Arabian Nights tale. Yes, the main characters Princess Jasmine, Aladdin, the monkey, and the genie, find their way into this game, plus there are additional attributes to surround this fan-favorite game. The gameplay is quite straightforward, which is what continues giving this game its universal appeal and charm. Aladdin's Wishes not only features a superb free spins round, but it follows it up with the progressive jackpot that is played across the gaming network.

This Game Has It All

Aladdin's Wishes game action occurs on the backdrop of a picturesque starry night. To further help you understand the scope of Aladdin's Wishes, this is a 20 pay line game that is yours to call and use how you see fit. The game's pay lines assist you in this remarkable recovery. You can make the ultimate wish and wager on the full 20 pay lines, or you can sit back and prepare to take it all in stride and gamble on a single pay line. Again, this game provides you the supreme choice to handle this affair.

The next move when playing Aladdin's Wishes is to determine the precise coin value bet. That's where the coin value buttons come into play. Aladdin's Wishes honors bets from one cent to five dollars a pop. So if you are feeling bold and want to venture on that magic carpet ride fully, you can wager $100 to make this happen. The game's paytable opens up a brand new world with all of the fanfare from the fabled ancient Arabian tale.

Falling In Love With The Paytable

Aladdin's Wishes goes for complete broke thanks to rewarding icons that will keep a smile on your face. With the game named after him, it is only appropriate that Aladdin represents the game's wild symbol. Please keep in mind that Aladdin falls on the second, third, and fourth reels. Mr. Aladdin gladly doubles winning combinations when he lands on the reels.

Princess Jasmine is more than a pretty face. In fact, when she lands on the reels, she puts a smile on the reels' face with 5,000 credits. The genie is always happy, and when you get the genie to fall on the reels, he spices things up with 1,000 credits. The genie's lamp constitutes the scatter symbol, and it is something we will gladly discuss shortly. The carefree monkey keeps things light to the tune of 500 credits. The other game characters are the palace, the magic carpet, and the crown.

Sail Away With Free Spins Round

Aladdin's Wishes saves the best for last with the pick feature. It is really simple. Players pick among five lamps to reveal the particular prize. If you select the magic lamp, you are granted 25 free spins with the opportunity of having a winning multiplier that goes up to 100 times. To top everything off, Aladdin's Wishes delivers the progressive jackpot. Aladdin's Wishes follows the progressive network, so the more players that get into the act, the faster and larger the progressive jackpot becomes. The progressive jackpot occurs at the conclusion of any spin.