Triple 7 Inferno Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols

Real-Time Gaming is known for its prolific line of five-reel games, but an avid fan of this elite gaming company knows that it cut its teeth on the vintage three-reel titles. Such is the case for Triple Seven, a modern-day throwback to the bygone era of slot games but with all the trimmings of a blockbuster five-reel game.

The Number Seven Is Remarkable

The number seven is used and accepted all over the place. From psychics to fortune tellers and to Gematria, the number seven is potent, but it is the crux of the wheel and the bane of its existence for retro slot games. Triple Seven Inferno is a three-reel game with a single pay line. Unfortunately, the one pay line is all you need to jingle some coins your way.

Breaking Down The Gameplay

Triple Seven Inferno opts to go the simple route, which helps bolster its charm. Triple Seven Inferno provides the requisite game functions on the game screen. Remember, Triple Seven Inferno is a single pay line, so there are no pay line arrows to consider. On the other hand, Triple Seven Inferno lays out all the marvelous coin bet functions in the game view. If you haven't guessed it, Triple Seven Inferno is a throwback three-coin. This means you only get what you put in, so if you want to topple the game's progressive jackpot, you must wager the top amount.

The Paytable Is On Fire

Triple Seven Inferno doesn't have many game icons, but the ones it does have are proudly displayed on the game background. The triple fire sevens burn in an excellent way to the tune of 1,000 credits. This is backed up by the traditional red sevens, which yield powerful fruit between 150 to 300 credits. Staying true to the conventional slot game theme, Triple Seven Inferno rolls out the triple bars, double bars, and the single bars that yield powerful gaming fruit and puts a smile on your face. Of course, Triple Seven Inferno honors win with any combination of the bars and the mixed sevens.

Are There Bonus Rounds?

Triple Seven Inferno doesn't have additional bonus rounds outside of the maximum amount of 1,000 credits. Because Triple Seven Inferno is a Real-Time Gaming product, you are guaranteed a high return to player ratio for your gaming efforts. Triple Seven Inferno serves both home computers and intelligent devices.