Sevens and Stripes Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols

Nothing rings more true about Americana than with Real-Time Gaming's iconic Sevens And Stripes. Sevens And Stripes hearken to the glory days of the iconic three-reel games, but it still has a lot to offer for today's concerning slot game players.

All Hail The Three Reels

While the five-reel games and, nowadays, the six-reel slots rule the gaming roost, there is still a market and a demand for the rewarding yet straightforward three-reel titles. Before Real-Time Gaming became a household name on the strength of its five-reel games, it learned its craft and rose through the gaming ranks through the three-reel games. It so happens that Sevens And Stripes is one of those games.

So what exactly is Sevens And Stripes about? It is about combing the illustrious number seven with the sense of American patriotism. The beauty of Sevens And Stripes is the simplicity of its gameplay. While you might turn away from one pay line, if you give it a shot, you will realize that one pay line is all that you are required.

Breaking Down Sevens And Stripes

Sevens And Stripes feature the bold and patriotic colors of the American flag. Sevens And Stripes keep the gameplay simple with all the proper gaming functions like the paytable. Sevens And Stripes continue to be a raving fan-favorite by featuring a three-coin setup. The three-coin arrangement gives you tremendous flexibility to determine your wagers. There is a risk-reward feature as you place your wagers in this game. You might want to consider wagering the three-coin maximum because this is how you will win the vaulted, progressive jackpot.

Sevens And Stripes gives you a maximum credit button if you want to cut to the chase and wager the maximum. But, Sevens And Stripes doesn't have an autoplay feature, so you are going to have to place your bets manually.

Sevens And Stripes Features Classic Symbols

Staying consistent with the simplicity theme, Sevens And Stripes provides all the gaming symbols directly on the gaming screen. The main prize is the red, white and red sevens. Regardless of the number of coins you are wagering with, you will win a pretty penny, but you will haul in the vaulted progressive jackpot if you place stakes with the entire three-coin bet. The red sevens, the blue sevens, and the white sevens play a prominent role. Yes, Sevens And Stripes honors wins with any combination of the colored sevens. The triple bars, double bars, and the single bars deliver modest winning amounts. Outside of the top progressive jackpot, Sevens And Stripes doesn't provide any bonus rounds.