Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

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3-reel, classic, bonus

There are cats, and there are cats that work undercover. These cats that work for Operation M.Y.O.W., are serious to the core and take no prisoners. Real-Time Gaming unleashes the purry beat with the innovative three-reel title, Operation M.Y.O.W.

Going Undercover Cat Style

Operation M.Y.O.W. is a dynamite three-reel title with a single pay line that takes you back into the carefree days of the three-reel game that once dominated the fantastic gameplay. These cats take saving the world seriously, which means incredible wins that lineup in your pockets. What you purr is what you get helps to describe Operation M.Y.O.W.

All of the essential game operations are on the game screen. Remember, Operation M.Y.O.W. is a three-coin game, so the number of coins you gamble and play ultimately determines the winning outcome. Because Operation M.Y.O.W. is a single pay line game, there are no pay line arrows to consider. Instead, the coin value buttons facilitate the passage and usage of the marking the desired coin value button.

Going Undercover With The Cats

Operation M.Y.O.W. keeps the game icons, and game flow simple. After all, stealth is the name of the game for any successful secret operation. The top agent cat makes its presence felt immediately. Again, depending on the number of Operation coins you gamble determines the cash value of what you will get. With this martial arts cat, the stage is set for you to win anywhere from 300 to 1,000 credits. Under the cat, we have the white cat that claws its way into your heart to the tune of 32 to 100 credits. Please also keep in mind that Operation M.Y.O.W. features a villainous cat that lurks about on the reels for extra bonus wins.

No respectful ninja cat would be worth its salt without the ninja star. These ninja stars are dynamite, and they pay out up to 50 credits. Continuing to go down the line, Operation M.Y.O.W. also delivers up to 25 credits. The other game symbols found in Operation M.Y.O.W. include the Oriental circle characters. You can score bonus wins when one of this particular symbol lands on the reel, or you can win with only a single ninja star.

Where To Serve Operation M.Y.O.W.

Operation M.Y.O.W. is firmly ensconced in online casinos that host and support the Real-Time Gaming engine. Operation M.Y.O.W. works on mobile devices and desktops.