Mid-Life Crisis Slots

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It's bound to happen to all of us. But, of course, we are talking about that dreaded mid-life crisis. Still, thanks to Real-Time Gaming, slot game extraordinaire, it has never been more en vogue and famous for having the general Mid-Life Crisis thanks to the aforementioned Real-Time Gaming engine. Mid-Life Crisis is a slot game with many aspects, so let's dive deep into the exciting and rewarding details.

Celebrating A New Breed Of Crisis

We assure you that this version of Mid Life Crisis isn't full of doom and gloom. Far from it. Mid-Life Crisis Slots comes with nine pay lines. But that's not the only thing. Real-Time Gaming goes back to the drawing board by keeping the gameplay simple. All of the game characters are full of luxury goods and items like sports cars to make you feel young and to help you fill your pockets with coins.

The gameplay is straightforward. In fact, Mid Life Crisis has the game action occurring in the middle of the fast lane, free to pursue happiness. Getting back to the pay lines, Mid-Life Crisis again has pay line arrows that help you situate and arrange the desired number of pay lines. You can try to break out your funk by wagering on the whole nine pay lines, or you can take a more slower approach and gamble on fewer pay lines. The choice is yours.

The next move in fixing your personal blues is to declare how much you wish to bet. Again, Mid-Life Crisis follows the lead of standard Real-Time Gaming slot games by giving you the power to establish and declare wagers from as small as one cent. So again, if you wish to pursue a life in the fast lane in one fell swoop by dishing out the entire $11.25 maximum wager per spin, or you can slowly work through your winning pain.

Mid-Life Crisis also features an options button where you can further craft the innermost and sensitive game settings to your liking.

Celebrating The Pay Table

The main event for Mid Life Crisis is the stellar paytable. There are many precious and enticing game symbols to help cure your ills. We begin with the sports car, which consists of Mid Life Crisis's wild symbol. A single one of this elusive car doubles winning combinations, but if you manage to get all five of this spectacular red car, the progressive jackpot honks in your purview.

Outside of the red sports car, Mid-Life Crisis helps you to roar to life with the yacht. Sail and play in style with this fabulous princess yacht which yields up to 3,200 credits for five on the pay line. The money clip puts a smile on your face paying up to 2,000 credits. We are only getting started with Mid Life Crisis, for the best has yet to come. The motorcycle makes you feel twenty years younger shelling out 1,500 credits.

The bottle of pills, the parachute, and the swimming pool all lend their talents to the talent and potentials of youth.

The Mid Life Bonus

Mid-Life Crisis continues to let the good times roll with the pick your poison bonus. It takes getting the scattered woman gracing and charming the reels on the first, third, and fifth reels. When this happens, you get to pick among the youth poison to produce an instant win. The Mid-Life Man bonus round provides an extra punch in the winning column.

Where To Play Mid Life Crisis

Mid-Life Crisis is widely circulated and available at online casinos that host and support the Real-Time Gaming engine.