High Rollers Slots

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classic, bonus, 3-reel

We know what you're thinking. The title to High Rollers is quite misleading. When you hear the term High Rollers, you think of a big time gambler, but Real-Time Gaming decides to take a diversion back into the groovy and psychedelic 1960s.

The 60s Live Once More

If you are old enough to recall and lived through the 1960s, psychedelic colors, fonts, and hippies ruled the day. You can find all of these elements and more in High Rollers. High Rollers features a male hippie displayed prominently on the game board. Speaking of the game board, High Rollers opts to keep the gameplay simple by having the basic game icons and controls. High Rollers has five pay lines, so you can quickly adjust the number of pay lines through the pay line arrows. To have the whole groovy hippie experience, why not wager the complete five pay lines? Yes, you can gamble on lesser pay lines to ease your way into this extravaganza.

High Rollers does feature and rely on the different coin value buttons to help players make and place precise bets. The maximum credit button quickly gets the winning hand rolling by wagering the entire five coins. Speaking of five coins, High Rollers breaks the mold of traditional three-reel games by offering two additional coins to bolster and boost winning chances.

High Rollers doesn't have an options button, so you are going to have to place your wagers manually. The paytable symbols are displayed prominently on the game screen. We begin the winning hand with the party bus. The party bus delivers credits ranging from 48 credits to 100 credits if you are gambling with the entire five coins.

After the party bus, High Rollers also features the psychedelic shirt, which delivers up to 24 credits. This is followed up by butterfly that leads to six credits. Last but not least, the drinking glass shells out three credits. The peace sign reserves the right to match any symbol. High Rollers doesn't have any special wild nor bonus symbols, so you must make it work during the gameplay.

Where To Find High Rollers

High Rollers is a neat three-reel game by gaming giant Real-Time Gaming. You can find it at generous and lucrative Real-Time Gaming casinos in the three-reel section. High Rollers also works for mobile devices and the desktop versions without hitches and problems.