Food Fight Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel

There's nothing more scintillating and fulfilling than a good old-fashioned food fight. Real-Time Gaming understands this concept well, and it is the proud gaming developer behind Food Fight, a tremendous five-reel slot game that brings back the feel and the chase of the classic food fight. You know. The kind you had growing up in school.

Real-Time Gaming Takes You Back In Time

If you grew up in the 1950s, you know how it felt to grow up in a carefree time where the dinner and rock n' roll ruled the day. While the 1950s have long since come and gone, you can recapture some of that innocence through Food Fight. Food Fight is a nominal but fun game that comes with nine pay lines.

Food Fight carries a retro diner theme, and it has plenty of delicious comfort food to back it up and prove it. Keeping things simple, Food Fight provides you pay line arrows to work the nine pay lines as you see them. You can have the ultimate food fight by staking your claim on the whole nine pay lines, or you can duck for cover by gambling on smaller pay lines.

Food Fight even makes room for the coin button system. Food Fight's coin value buttons facilitate making bets from as small as one-cent to the maximum of five dollars. Again, that's the value of the coin value buttons. So, if you want to join the me lay, Food Fight permits you to placing bets from as small as one cent up to five dollars.

Food Fight puts the reins of spinning the reels through the manual process, or you can rely on the autoplay mode so you can sit back and take in this one-of-a-kind food bonanza. Food Fight's options button provides additional game functions like controlling the reel speed and other important game features.

It Pays To Play With This Food

Food Fight delivers true Americana food. We begin with the delicious burger that pays anywhere from 75 to 500 credits, while the slice of pizza fills up the virtual tummy with 2,000 credits. The bowl of the pudding is Food Fight's wild symbol and leads to 6,250 credits. The deserts are as plentiful as they are tasty. The deserts reward winning combinations up to 1,250 credits to 3,500 credits.

Food Is Flying Everywhere

Food Fight takes the glorious splattering to new levels with the ice cream scatter bonus which delivers an additional 405 credits. The food fight bonus round ups the ante by shelling out 3,960 credits. Food Fight doesn't have a progressive jackpot, but as you can see, there are plenty of options and avenues in this game for you to emerge victorious.

Where To Play Food Fight

Food Fight is a splendid five-reel game that is available at online casinos rich with Real-Time Gaming slot titles.