Diamond Mine Slots

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3-reel, classic

Diamond Mine Slots gets straight to the point when it comes to three-reel games. In fact, it is a spectacular three-reel game that makes digging for diamonds that much more fun and lucrative. Real-Time Gaming proudly presents Diamond Mine Slots.

Real-Time Gaming Makes You Fall In Love With Diamonds

Forget the adage that diamonds are a girl's best friend because the diamonds available to you with Diamond Mine Slots make life more than giving. While the diamond is Diamond Mine's crowning jewel, this game features many captivating and engaging game symbols that keep you more than busy and satisfied.

Because Diamond Mine Slots only has one pay line, there are no pay line arrows associated, which significantly simplifies playing matters. The next move is to handle your desired cash bets. Again, Diamond Mine Slots has you covered in this regard through the coin value buttons. Thanks to these gratuitous buttons, players can quickly declare cash bets from fifty cents to a robust and interesting five dollars. Then, of course, you can opt to break the mine by gambling the whole $15 quickly.

Due to the game's simplicity, Diamond Mine doesn't offer advanced features like you'd find in today's five-reel games. Instead, Diamond Mine opts to go the simple gameplay route. This works well in its favor in a variety of ways.

Mining Through The Paytable

Diamond Mine offers many jewels and gems in the paytable. The game's paytable is proudly displayed right on the surface that is patterned like a slot machine. Please keep in mind that Diamond Mine is a marvelous three-coin game, so the amount you deposit actually pays dividends on what you will get back. The dollar sign reigns supreme, shelling out anywhere from 800 credits to 2,500. Next to the golden dollar signs, there is the elusive diamond that gleams and shimmers brightly to the tune of up to 150 credits. The traditional red seven makes an entrance in Diamond Mine, shelling out 35 to 105 credits.

The double bars, the single bars, and the double bars pay like gravy. Diamond Mine lets you notch a win through a mixture of these different types of bars. Diamond Mine also honors wagers with a single diamond to draw a blank credit.

Where To Start Digging For A Mine

Diamond Mine is a fantastic three-reel game that is widely available at online casinos that host and support the Real-Time Gaming engine. In addition, Diamond Mine works adeptly for both mobile platforms and desktop computers.