Diamond Mine Deluxe Slots

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3-reel, classic

Real-Time Gaming hit a massive home run with the regular version of Diamond Mine, and now it has come up with the perfect encore, Diamond Mine Deluxe, the perfect three-reel sequel to the still widely successful three-reel predecessor. Diamond Mine Deluxe brings back all of the essential game elements and functions from the first game, and opens up more exiting and rewarding elements along the way.

Improvements In The Deluxe Version

Diamond Mine Deluxe features subtle upgrades and improvements from the first game. The game play remains the same for the most part. Once more Real-Time Gaming opts to keep things simple so you can focus on the critical gaming infrastructure and details. The deluxe version like the first game features the game design on the backdrop of a traditional slot machine that has a slot crank on the side of it.

Because Diamond Mine Deluxe only contains a single pay line, the game doesn't have any pay lines arrows to consider or use. Diamond Mine Deluxe does have several coin value buttons which enable you to manipulate the precise coin bet. Please keep in mind that Diamond Mine Deluxe is a three coin game so the amount you deposit pay dividends on the official amount you will receive in the end. Also, Diamond Mine Deluxe doesn't contain an options button, nor an autoplay feature.

Diamond Mine Deluxe Keeps The Paytable Simple

Diamond Mine Deluxe decides to keep the paytable simple. You can find the pertinent game symbols displayed on the game screen. The deluxe version features a wild symbol. The standard two time multiplier doubles winning combinations, but it rewards winning affairs between 800 to the glorious 3,000 credits.

The red sevens, which is the classic casino icon, appears again in the deluxe version of the title. The red sevens pay a dynamite 80 to 240 credits. The triple bars, the single bars, and the double bars make their glorious return. You can win by getting three of them, or through a combination of the bar symbols. The cherry lands frequently throughout Diamond Mine Deluxe, and can refill your coffers with a single credit.

Where To Find Diamond Mine Deluxe

Diamond Mine Deluxe is comfortably and widely available throughout online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming slot games. Diamond Mine Deluxe works like a charm on mobile devices and the desktop versions.