Cash Bandits 3 Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Crime, Money
Ever since the first Cash Bandits debuted, online casino players couldn’t get enough of the innovative crime-laden game where the villain is the hero. When it comes to innovation, Real-Time Gaming practically keeps reinventing it on a daily basis. Cash Bandits 3 is not only the second sequel to the thrilling progressive jackpot series. It reinvents the wheel both graphically and through the size of the bonus rounds. We will talk about this and more in greater detail as we fall back in love with Real-Time Gaming’s Cash Bandits 3.

Why This Bandit Is Untouchable For The Third Time

Cash Bandits 3 proves that not only is the third time the charm, but it is also the most extraordinary charm of all. Each game in the series pushed the gaming envelope and the pay line boundaries, and that is where we begin. Cash Bandits 3 once more retains the traditional 25 pay lines that fans have become familiar with. The pay line arrows are provided strategically on the game screen to help you manage and get the precise number of crime-laden pay lines to your liking. You can get into the full swing and gamble on the entire 25 pay lines, or you can take a more reserved approach and gamble on lesser amounts and even a single pay line.

Before you can get the bandit off on his merry way, you must arrange the precise cash bet. That’s where the coin buttons come into play. Don’t Worry. Cash Bandits 3 gives the player maximum flexibility to get the bet to his or her liking beginning with a mere penny and going up to twenty-five cents.

Rekindle The Love With The Pay Table

Cash Bandits 3 comes out of the gate swinging with a new and improved paytable system. Yes, there are familiar icons that resurface, and there are new ones. It took three games, but this time, the bandit himself is the wild symbol. This means the Cash Bandits 3 wild doubles winning combinations, and the more of the bandit that lands on the villainous reels, the greater the credits. Five thousand credits, to be exact. The determined cop is still on the heels of the demonstrative bank robber, and he rewards your efforts with up to 2,000 credits.

Cash Bandits 3 also heavily features the icons, the frightened woman, the bank, the badge, and all the way to the headlines showcasing the master bank robber’s capture.

Cash Bandits 3 Loves The Bonus Rounds

Cash Bandits 3 carries the proud tradition of the bank vault feature. The Cash Bandits 3 logo opens the door to have your way at the bank vaults. This time, the number of bank vaults grows to six with the pressure firmly on you to enter the correct number to the keypad. The grand total of free spins this time is 390, with the winning multiplier scaling up to 23 times. Cash Bandits 3 still features the prized progressive jackpot that is ready to launch after any thrilling spin.

The Finishing Touches On Cash Bandits 3

Cash Bandits 3 is available at many blockbuster online casinos that support Real-Time Gaming games. It features an essential options button that permits you to tweak the game settings and the ambiance to suit your crime-caper needs. Please keep a lookout for stellar third-party promotions such as no deposit bonuses that are abundant throughout the internet. Cash Bandits 3 is optimized for excellent desktop play and mobile play for the premiere cellular devices and tablets. Cash Bandits 3 works swell on modern laptops.