Bonkers Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols

There's a time to go bonkers, and then there is Bonkers Slots, a charming and exhilarating slot title that takes you back into the sound and glory days of the three-reel slot games. Bonkers has all the promise and grace of a commercial slot game, so let's dive deep into the details.

Why Real-Time Gaming Goes Bonkers

Real-Time Gaming is one of the original and pioneer gaming engines that are responsible for the modern-day online casino revolution. A significant pillar in this success was the advent of the three-reel slot games. Before graphically impressive five-reel games came into prominence, the rewarding yet straightforward three-reel game ruled the roost. Bonker Slots is one of those games.

Going Bonkers Over The Design

Bonkers Slots follows the mold of three-reel slot games in its day. Bonkers keeps the design simple and minimal with having the game's backdrop on a vintage and straightforward slot machine. Real-Time Gaming goes the extra mile by having a side crank in it to finish off the effect.

Bonkers is a three-coin game like most three-reel titles for its time, so the amount you officially deposit ultimately determines the winning outcome. But, again, staying true to the minimalist theme, Bonkers lays out all the vital game functions and ingredients on the game screen so you can focus and keep your eyes on the winning prize.

Because Bonkers only features a single pay line, there are no pay line arrows to consider. In its place are a series of credit value buttons. Again, Bonkers Slots quickly gives you the power and the freedom to gamble from a single credit, two credits, or a total of three credits. Don't worry. Bonkers Slots has these critical buttons on the game screen.

Bonking Around Through The Paytable

Bonkers Slots for a three-reel game offers many lucrative and rewarding game symbols. The classic red sevens pay prominently on the game screen. In fact, they pay anywhere from 200 to 1,200 credits, while the triple red bars deliver between 80 to 240 credits. Bonkers Slots really go bonkers involving the quintessential casino symbols such as the double bars and the single bars. And following the proud slot game tradition, players can earn a win by mixing any combination of bar symbols. Bonkers Slots also features the marquee game symbol for extra wins. Bonkers Slots has all of this essential information right on the game screen for easy and quick access.

The Re-Spins Are Off The Charts

Bonkers Slots concludes gaming matters with the Bonkers re-spin mode. You'll never know how much the reels and the game goes bonkers while playing the exciting re-spins mode.