Mighty Drums Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
China, East, Regional

Mighty Drums has a classic Chinese design featuring plenty of dragons, along with all sorts of different golden symbols. It's impressive to look at, and most gamblers won't be able to help but admire the game.

243 Ways to Win

The slot affords you 243 ways to win each time you spin. That's enough ways to make winning familiar while playing this slot. You won't have to spin for long before you get your first win with the game.

Only Wager with 8's

You can bet a minimum of $0.88 per spin and a maximum of $8.88 per spin. Either way, you have some options to choose from, but not a large number of options. Set your wager value to the amount you're most comfortable with, and start playing the game with a value that works well for you.

A Gold and Crimson Celebration

We love the deep crimson color that most features are in this slot. You'll notice a dark red look to this game that makes it stand out and gives it a high-quality and fashionable look. Most of the symbols that show on the reels are made from brilliant gold. When you combine the deep crimson background and the glowing golden symbols, you get a style that's stunning to look at.

Four Progressive Jackpot Rewards

Four different progressive jackpots can be won at random. These jackpots are available to win at any time, and you can look forward to them as you play. If you like playing games where you have random

Golden and Standard Symbols

If you're willing to spend more, you can choose to keep golden symbols active while you play this game. If a symbol is golden, you will win more money when you unlock a prize involving that symbol. That's why it's best to keep as many golden symbols activated as possible when you play this slot.

You Could Win 50,000 Coins

Play this game long enough, and you can unlock up to 50,000 coins in one spin. This is a considerable prize payout, and it's worth playing for. If you want a chance to win a substantial amount of money, you can spin for a shot at this huge win, though it is rare to win.

Mighty Drums is a decent game with big winning opportunities and simple gameplay. It's easy to gamble on the slot, and you should try the slot if you're interested in it at all.