Egyptian Gold Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra

It seems like every time you turn around, Egyptian-themed games continue to grace online casino halls and lobbies. Well, it's time to add one more to the illustrious roster. Real-Time Gaming, the premier leader in slot game entertainment, presents Egyptian Gold. This beautiful, rewarding five-reel game brings you the ultimate and best that legendary ancient Egypt offers.

Step Onto The Virtual Shores

The power and the legacy of Egypt are right in the view for you. We begin with the tremendous attention to detail as soon as you hit the game screen. Egyptian Gold breaks new ground with a new and improved interactive interface. The game is so real that there is a fire burning in the fire pits.

Egyptian Gold brings the gaming boom with 243 pay lines, which can expand twice its size to 576 pay lines. Also, Egyptian Gold is laden with tremendous pay line apparatus where you can quickly take command on the 243 pay lines. With outstanding pay lines come excellent coin bet opportunities. Egyptian Gold opens up the betting foray with a litany of bets, ranging from a penny but quickly growing to dollar amounts.

Egyptian Gold gives you the keys to maneuvering your wagers as you need them, beginning with the penny starter. The autoplay features put the game over the top, with classic bets being made automatically by the score. Of course, Egyptian Gold lets you maneuver the bets as you need them through autoplay mode.

The Pharaoh Rules The Paytable

Egyptian Gold is the real deal when it comes to the paytable. You know about the 243 pay lines that are expandable to 576, but it gets better. The total weight of the glory of the Egyptian crown hits the pay reels. What better way to showcase the glory and the power than the Pyramid wild. This beautiful icon makes its mark with haste when it falls on the third reel. When this happens, it expands over the second, third, and fourth reels. This is how you get to the fantastic 576 pay lines.

Queen Cleopatra and other iconic Egyptian symbols are prominent throughout the game, making their presence felt.

Witness The Power Of Egyptian Bonuses

Egyptian Gold carves up the competition with an array of bonuses. We begin with the random wilds feature, where the sacred scarab replaces the pyramids for wild winning combinations. Next, the magical re-spin feature occurs when you don't win when you spin to help keep you in the winning column. Next, the free spins are always lovely when the scarab determines the random number of free spins you enjoy. Finally, there is the jackpot pick bonus to round out the remaining prizes.